NA Indonesia forms Regional Service body

NA Indonesia forms Regional Service body

BASC is thrilled to report that Narcotics Anonymous in Indonesia has formed a Regional Service body.  This historical development is fantastic news for addicts seeking recovery across the Indonesian Archipelago.  The Indonesia Regional Service Committee (IRSC) is made up of an incredible 12 Areas thus far, and more Areas and Groups are steadily joining.  This is a huge step for NA in Indonesia and will undoubtedly lead on to the registration and legalisation of the fellowship in this country.  The Indonesian lead committee has convened four times already and subcommittees for H&I, PI, Legalisation, Fellowship Development, Literature Translation, Phonelines, and a new national website have been formed.  All sub-committees have elected Chairs and Alt-Chairs and its safe to say there is some really positive inertia and beautiful energy around all these growth initiatives and developments.

This landmark progress is just what NA Indonesia needs to flourish, the central coordination of critical agenda’s such a legalisation, H&I, and literature translation activities will greatly benefit from the national synergies this forum will bring to bear.  It’s very encouraging to see the unity, commitment, and service of so many Indonesian fellows dedicated to making this work.  BASC has been instrumental in providing support to the new national committee and needless to say is over the moon at the progress they are charting.

Watch this space for more exciting updates.

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